What is a Baremetal server?

Using a Baremetal server is like renting a whole house instead of a room to benefit from its full potential.

Baremetal servers are physical machines dedicated to one organization/team of engineers, compared to virtual machines which share the underlying physical hardware between several organizations.

Just like dedicated servers, baremetal servers offer a complete control over the physical machine without a hypervisor pre-installed, giving you the flexibility to install your favorite operating system and optimize everything for your needs.

Use cases of baremetal servers

  • Heavy workload (Big Data, Finance, Gaming)
  • Custom security or regulatory requirements
  • Enterprise software (CRM, ERP)

While baremetal servers and dedicated servers offer the same thing, their provisioning model and pricing model are quite different:

  • With dedicated servers, you generally sign a yearly or monthly contract and use it for that period of time. It can takes several hours before being able to access it after signing the contract.
  • With baremetal servers, everything is adapted to the cloud computing world. You pay as you go with a hourly price and can spin up a new instance in minutes.