About the project

Hey, let's talk about cloud computing.

Building websites and applications used to be simple. Create an HTML file, use PHP to save things into a database and deploy the result via FTP on a cheap Apache Server.

But things have now changed.

Cloud computing profoundly changed the way we design, build and ship software applications. Thanks to companies like AWS, Netlify or Heroku, you now have the posibility to scale to millions of users with a few clicks.

And yet, Cloud computing is hard.

Hard to have a full grasp and get the big picture, dealing with new software pieces like API gateways, object storage, serverless and new practices like chaos engineering or increased observability.

But it's awesome: awesome to work with and awesome to learn.

Redefined.cloud serves as a fresh start, a way to get started with cloud computing using simple words and analogies you can understand. Wether you are a student, someone working closely with engineers or just a curious mind, this website is a reintroduction to the Cloud I would have loved to read when I first heard of it.

If you feel like it, please be part of that adventure and contribute on GitHub to add new terms, improve the content or translate it to your language.